Meet Our Adoring Hens

We sell a variety of free range laying hens and other poultry. All our laying hens are sold at Point of Lay and are specifically bred for their egg laying abilities and make excellent free range chickens.

Please contact us for the latest prices, stock and/or to make an appointment.

When coming to collect chickens it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring a strong cardboard box or a large pet carrier to transport your hens.

Bovans Goldline Bovans Goldline

Lovely classic brown laying hen with creamy neck and tail feathers.

Excellent egg layer with very good food to egg conversion rate. Quite docile in nature and can be a bit of a chatterbox. Makes for an excellent pet.

Lays up to 340 good sized light brown eggs per year.

Bovans Nera Bovans Nera

Luxurious black feathering to the body with golden feathers to the neck.

A handsome bird especially in the sunshine when the black feathering shows as dark greens/ mauves, making it a must have for any free-range flock.

Lays approximately 300 light brown eggs per year.

French Grey French Grey

Lovely, good-sized grey coloured hen with distinctive edging to the feathers. Feathering becomes very soft as it grows to maturity.

Strong foraging instincts and sociable nature make it a good help in the vegetable garden.

Lays approximately 250 light brown eggs per year.

Heritage Skyline Heritage Skyline

With her beautiful Welsummer colouring, cream neck accents and characteristic tufted feathering to the head, the Heritage Skyline is easily recognisable.

Can be somewhat shy, but is a very docile and welcome addition to all flocks.

Lays approximately 300 light blue eggs in per year.


Maran Cuivree

Maran Cuivree

This Rhode Island Red/ Maran cross is a very durable medium sized hen with excellent free-ranging qualities. Its friendly nature makes it a great family pet.

Typically lays around 310 dark-brown/ mahogany coloured eggs per year.

Pied Suffolk Pied Suffolk

Lovely old-fashioned farmyard hen, predominantly black in colour with striking white feathering around the neck.

Grows into a lovely, good size hen with strong foraging instincts.

Lays up to 240 large light brown eggs per year.

Redco Redco

Classic brown hen with black tail feathers.

Good feathering gives protection from both sunlight and bad weather. Very docile in nature, with excellent egg laying qualities and makes an excellent pet.

Lays up to 340 eggs light brown eggs per year.

Speckledy Speckledy

This lovely mottled grey and white feathered Maran cross is a real classic.

The Speckledy is a traditional shaped hen with good gardening/ foraging abilities and grows to a very good size.

Typically lays over 290 eggs per year, which are easily recognisable by their dark brown colour with brown/ plum freckles.

Sussex Star Sussex Star

Beautiful white hen with distinctive black feathering to the neck.

Classic breed with strong hybrid vigour and gives a prolific supply of eggs. Makes a good-sized bird upon maturity. Has a friendly nature and likely to become a bit of a character within the flock!

Lays approximately 320 light brown eggs per year.

White Star White Star

Lovely pure white hen, with distinctive ‘V-shaped’ look. We have customers that come back year after year for this breed. They often say that it lays the most eggs, while eating the least amount of food.

The White Star is a good old-fashioned busy hen. Slightly smaller then the average hen, she can be a bit flighty in nature, but is definitely a good choice for any flock.

Typically lays over 320 good-sized white eggs per year.


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